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Nexx XR1R Razor Light Blu

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Categorie: Casques (Equipement pilote)

Nexx Helmets

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The Nexx XR1R Razor Light Blue is the same high specification helmet as the Nexx XR1R, but features a spectacular colour scheme. The shell of the Nexx XR1R Razor Light Blue is a Tri-Composite blend of kevlar, carbon and fibreglass. The Nexx XR1R Razor Light Blue is a very light helmet, weighing in at only 1350g. It comes with a unique personalised padding system, which allows you to achieve a bespoke fit, especially for you.

Buy from ForMotorbikes and the Nexx XR1R Razor Light Blue comes with a which is Pinlock prepared (not supplied), a chin wind stopper, breath guard, four air inlets and two outlets, and the same huge viewing port as the full Carbon version. The bespoke padding system allows you to tailor the inner lining to minimise any wind reaching your ears, ensuring a nice, quiet ride.


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